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MAQBOOL SABRI Vol 1 Comments


2011-03-04 13:08:48

mujhe abida pasand hai


2011-08-06 07:48:31


royal princi

2011-08-09 13:55:57

it\'s just awsum its my most favourite qawali

2011-08-15 03:25:04


2012-04-04 07:35:04

khuwwaja ki deevani


2014-07-19 02:05:39

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2014-07-29 02:04:42

I would like to invite the kind ateontitn of Mr. Malik Maqbool Hussain, Mr. Hassan Muhammad Rana, Mr. Hmaad-ul-Hassan Qureshi, Mr. Malik Habib ul Rehman, Mr. Saeed Ahmed Bhatti Mr. Muhammad Liaquat, towards the technical committee of registered trade unions of PTCL. It has been noted & pointed out since long that there is lack of technical members/ employees those can deeply examine the adverse non visible principles of policies as formed & implemented by the policies makers of Etisalat International / PTCL with silent sweet poisonous deceitful tricks in PTCL, such type of non visible principles of policies can be examine & point out in Likewise:-01.Earned Leave Annual Leave Policy.02.Profit rates on GPF.03.Subscription of Income Tax Rates on Salaried Persons.04.Non Deduction of Income Tax on T.A/ Traveling Reimbursement Bills.05.Fixation of Essential Duty Hours in normal duties through e-mails procedure.06.D-Gradation in nature of current duties/ Job description with regular employees.07.Non-payment of Pensionary benefits to employees those retired under Superannuation retirement.08.Non-payment of Pensionary benefits to employees those retired under VSS – 2008.09.Non implementation of 12% Shares.10.Non implementation of Basic Pay Scales 2007, 2010 & 2012 included increases.11.Blockage & non implementation of Promotion Policies through Channel of Promotion as designed by the Establishment Division of Pakistan.12.Elimination of PTCL Widow’s Benefits as awarded by the Federal Government of Pakistan.13.Non awarding of premature increments in the cadre of UDC, LDC, SAC, JAC, Telephone Operator, Telecom: Technician on account of awarded higher promotions in the next scales through DPCs.14.Transfer of T & T Property on the title of PTCL.15.No any relevant regular employee has been posted at 1217 PTCL Centralized Enquiry.16.No any relevant regular employee has been posted at 1218 PTCL Centralized Compliant Registration Centers.17.Illegal Conversion of Functions of 191 Directions Boards Positions to irrelevant cadre.18.More other policies are yet hidden.In this regards the policies makers of Etisalat International / PTCL have intentionally violated the articles 09 & 14 of constitutional of Pakistan announcing by the recent V.S.S – 2012 Policy and Income Tax Ordinance 2001 & Income Tax Rules 2002.However by virtue of proviso to section 35 sub section (2) of Pakistan Telecommunication (Re-Organization Act–1996) the company/ policies makers of Etislaat International had no power “to vary existing terms & condition of service” of regular employees. In addition to this sub section (2) of section 36 of said act gives protection to the terms & conditions of services and rights including the Pensionary benefits of regular employees and their terms and conditions of service cant not be altered adversely by PTCL, but it is very panic that policies makers of Etisalat International / PTCL has already been tried to alter the terms and conditions of service including pensionery benefits of Transferred Employees adversely by imposing re-designations & re-structuring of PTCL and completely violated the section 35 & 36 of Pakistan Telecommunication Re-Organization Act 1996. In the light of above version there is instant need to knock the doors of competent courts of laws Likewise Labour, Service Tribunal, High & Supreme Courts by filling various applications/ appeals/ petitions on individual basis against imposition of illegal policies, Blockage of rights (whatsoever). In this connection litigation process at Honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan is yet under on-going vide Civil Appeals NO: 239, Massod Ahmed Bhatti Appellant (in Civil Appeal No: 239 of 2011), Syed Muhammad Dilavez Appellant (in Civil Appeal No: 240 of 2011), Nasiruddin Ghori Appellant (in Civil Appeal No: 241 of 2011), V/S Federation of Pakistan through Secretary M/O Information Technology and Telecommunication & Others passed by the Honorable Justice Mian Shakirullah Jan, Jawaid S. Khuwaja and Sarmad Jalal Osmany the Honorable Judges of Full Bench of the Supreme Court of Pakistan the statutory rules of the regular employees recently has also been clarified vide judgment dated: 11TH August 2011 specifically under paragraph No: 09 & 14 of Judgment announced on 7th Oct 2011 by the above Honorable Judges of Full Bench of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. Hope each & every individual regular & NCPG employee shall paid their sincere contribution by rejecting this current VSS Policy – 2012 and definitely shall fill the applications/ appeals/ petitions separately against imposition of illegal policies, restoration of Blocked rights (whatsoever). It will be part of our prime moral duty to carriage the aforementioned heads of registered trade unions by pay financial & moral assistance with this look forward to form the technical committee jointly to discuss and conclude the merits & demerits of each policy on judicial forum. [url= [link=

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