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jism 2

2012-11-17 02:41:33

IJWTS wow! Why can\\\'t I think of tnihgs like that?

2012-11-17 07:14:00

Sanjay bhai I Love UAapki awaz aur andaz ka kayal hoon !!Khuda aapko hamesha apni panah me rakhe..aap bahut achhe inasan hainsabhi listners ki aapke liye mohbbat dekhne ko banti hai..Khuda aapko barkton se pari-puran kare !!sari duniya janti hai ki ..Saddi Yaari..ITT wargi pakkiGBU.

2012-11-17 13:28:12

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2012-11-17 15:51:48

For a nice friend nice moirnng ..For a sweet friend sweet moirnng For a loving friend lovely moirnng For a Good friend good moirnng mere pyare Sanjay bhaiyaGod bless u.Amen .

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